ErisX puts a priority on security and protecting customer assets. Transactions relating to deposits and withdrawals are especially sensitive so we have made a deliberate trade-off to incorporate several levels of protection, including a feature that we call the “Funding Password”.

The Funding Password has security utility beyond simply funding actions:

  • Creating API keys

  • Adding External Bank or Wallet information

  • Giving Authorized Access to a Registered Investment Advisor

  • Linking your account to

Members initially set their Funding Password at the end of the onboarding process. This is a different password to your regular login password that is entered when first signing up. (Yes, we know, another password. Like with 2-factor authentication, our stance is that the extra protection is worth the hassle). 

This password is not known to, stored or retrievable by ErisX.  An encrypted version is held and checked when a user enters their Funding Password to confirm an action.

Changing your Funding Password

Follow these steps if you know your existing Funding Password but you wish to change it. 

  1. Login to the ErisX Member Portal (EMP)

  2. Select Profile from the user menu at the top right

  1. Click the Change Funding Password Button in the Security Section

  1. Enter your Existing Funding Password and then your choice of new Funding Password twice.

    • Your new password cannot be the same as your existing funding password.

  1. After clicking Submit you should see a confirmation that your password was changed successfully.

  • If you do not see this message please contact 

Have Your Funding Password Reset by ErisX

If you cannot remember your current Funding Password you can contact and request to have it reset.

You will be asked a series of security questions to verify that you are the owner of the account.