Cboe Digital offers both instant and standard ACH funding. The following conditions apply:

  • Please refer to our Clearing page for information regarding any maximum deposit amount per 7 day period

  • Deposits made by ACH may not be available to withdraw for up to 10 days

  • Assets purchased using funds deposited via ACH may not be available to withdraw for up to 10 days

  • There is a $25 minimum per ACH deposit

Instant ACH

In order to be eligible for instant ACH your account must first be linked to your funding account using Plaid.

  • Where Cboe Digital can verify sufficient funds, ACH deposit requests will be processed instantly and funds applied to your balance and made available for trading.

  • If Cboe Digital is not able to determine sufficient funds, your deposit will be made available for trading after funds have been received.

Currently one Instant ACH deposit may be made every 24 hours.  Additional ACH deposits submitted before 24 hours have passed will be processed as standard ACH deposits.

Standard ACH

The standard settlement time for a Regular ACH deposit is 3-5 business days. Funds from standard ACH deposits may be held for 5 days to complete processing.